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Configure camera power

1. The camera indicates that DC12V / AC24V is universal. What kind of power should be selected?
     A: choose AC24 V monitoring power supply, because the same transmission distance, the higher the voltage, the smaller the loss. When the voltage is high, the load can get enough voltage. At the same time, due to the use of AC 24 V, when debugging the camera, you can choose the power synchronization, so that the image field frequency of different devices in the whole monitoring system can be synchronized.
     2. How to reasonably configure the camera power of the whole monitoring system?
     A: this problem often confronts young and inexperienced engineers. When many schemes are implemented, it is found that the original designed power supply capacity is not enough and additional equipment is needed, resulting in disputes with Party A. In fact, due to the large starting current of the camera at the moment of starting, and the loss of long-distance transmission in engineering, the power supply needed by the camera is not simply the sum of the rated power of all cameras. The correct way is to add up the rated power of the camera of the whole monitoring system and multiply it by 1.3 times, which is the actual power required by the camera, and then add about 30% of the loss; Finally, 30% margin is added for future expansion.
     For example:
     If a business building has 100 fixed gun cameras, and the rated power of each camera is 4W, how can we configure the camera power supply?
     According to the above calculation method, we calculate that the rated power of the camera is 4W * 100 units = 400W
The actual power of the camera is 400W * 1.3 = 520W
     After considering the loss, the power required by the camera is 520W * 1.3 = 676w
     With the power margin, the final power of the camera is 676w * 1.3 = 878w
     The summary is as follows: the power of the camera = the rated power of the camera * 1.3 * 1.3 * 1.3
    ( Note: if the monitoring distance is very long, it is necessary to increase the power supply appropriately and increase the power supply voltage.)
     3. What is the most taboo about camera power configuration?
     A: the most taboo is that the whole monitoring system shares one power supply. The reasons are as follows:
     1) When maintaining the system, it is often necessary to turn on and off the power supply. All cameras start up at the same time when the power is turned on. The starting current is very large, which has a great impact on the power supply. In serious cases, the power supply will be burned,
     2) All cameras share a common power supply, when the power failure, the entire closed-circuit monitoring system paralyzed. In particular, the images of some important entrances and exits can not be monitored, which may cause unnecessary trouble.
     So what's the right way to do it? For example, a business building with 100 fixed cameras needs about 800W power supply. The correct configuration is to choose 4 cameras with 200W power supply for each. In this way, when a power supply fails, the camera at the important entrance and exit can be connected to other good power supply, which will not affect the work of the whole system.
     4. What else should we pay attention to in the selection of camera power supply?
     A: first, when connecting the power supply to the camera, do not connect the remote camera and the close camera to the same power supply. If it is connected to the same power supply, if the power supply voltage is high, the close range camera will be burned. If the power supply is low, the camera far away will have no image. We should try our best to connect the distant cameras to the same power supply, and connect the closer cameras to the same power supply.

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