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video camera  

   1. No image output  

   A. Check whether the power supply is connected well and whether the power supply voltage is enough.  

   B. BNC connector or video cable for poor contact.  

   C. Whether the lens aperture is open.  

   D. Whether the video or DC driven automatic aperture lens control line is connected correctly.  

   2. Poor image quality  

   A. Whether the lens has fingerprints or is too dirty.  

   B. Whether the aperture is adjusted properly.  

   C. Poor contact of video cable.  

   D. Check the electronic shutter or white balance setting.  

   E. Whether the transmission distance is too far.  

   F. Whether the voltage is normal.  

   G. Whether there is interference source nearby.  

   H. When installed in the elevator, it should be insulated from interference.  

   1. Whether the CS interface is connected correctly.  

 FAQ of monitoring system  


 1. Turn on the power and the power indicator is not on.  

   A. Check whether the power supply is added to the terminal.  

   B. Check the power fuse for damage.  

 2. Power on and burn insurance  

   A. Check if the common terminal (COM) of the terminal block is wrong.  

   B. Check whether the output voltage of PTZ is selected correctly.  

 3. The power light is on but cannot be controlled  

   A. Whether the signal line is connected correctly.  

   B. Whether the signal light flashes during control.  

   C. Whether the code is correct.  

 4. The control doesn't work  

   A. Check the signal line of control code.

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